Places to Run

Monica Prelle is a journalist and a decorated Mammoth Track Club athlete.  Click here for her running recommendations while visiting Mammoth Lakes!

The Whitmore Track & Field Facility is open to the public year round. It is located 1 kilometer down Benton Crossing Road. Below are some other favorites below.

* Mammoth Rock Trail 10K (NA in winter)

* Horse Corral 10M (NA in winter)

* Doe Ridge loop from Track 8.4 miles

* Convict Lake loop 3 miles

* Laurel Pond 

* Lakes Basin (NA in winter)


Visiting runners,

Please be good ambassadors of the sport and yield to horses, bikes and hikers. Respect the natural surroundings and the wildlife here in Mammoth Lakes so we can enjoy the trails and scenery for years to come. Thank you.